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Transactional emails refer to messages that organizations send to provide a product/service or facilitate a transaction, as per the customer’s request. Unlike other emails, you are not required to obtain consent from the customers for transactional emails.

Organizations rely on transactional emails to circulate critical information to customers at the right moments during the customer journey. A customer interaction or prospect triggers transactional emails with a mobile application or website.

Support and Feedback Requests

Communication is necessary for positive customer experience. When a customer does not receive a confirmation after submitting a request, it can be quite troublesome. In addition…

If you are getting started with email marketing, you will want to be familiar with an email “bounce.” A bounce is when a recipient’s email server rejects your email.A bounce can be temporary or permanent. Let’s learn about both of them:

Soft Bounce

A soft bounce is when your email reaches the recipient’s mail server but is prevented from making it to the recipient’s inbox. A soft bounce can be caused by the following factors:

  • The recipient’s inbox is full.
  • The recipient’s email server is offline.
  • The email is too large.

After getting a soft bounce, you can send your email again…

The purpose of an email marketing campaign is to attract a certain group of subscribers — those who take the desired action. These days, your audience wields more power than ever. Therefore, merely sending an email about a random topic is not going to do much.

Striking a balance between building your list and keeping your subscribers engaged is key. This is the purpose of an email drip campaign.

What Is An Email Drip Campaign?

Email drip campaigns refer to a series of pre-written marketing emails. These emails are aimed at converting target users. …

Nearly 70 percent of email campaigns are opened on a mobile device, according to a recent study. To make the most of a high open rate, it is important to have a mobile-friendly design to enhance reader experience and response.

If done well, email ads are messages that your customers and prospects will want to read. A good email marketing practice is only sending permission-based emails, i.e. readers have opted in to receive.

Here are some tips to improve your email ads giving you better open rates and response.

Optimize Subject Lines

Subject lines are the first things recipients see in an email…

Online Marketing on Phone
Online Marketing on Phone

Do you want your company to get more leads at affordable rates?

Creating telephone and email-subscriber lists is time-consuming — it can take months and even years to accomplish it. You are also required to maintain a strong presence and have knowledge of digital marketing. Many businesses don’t have the resources and qualifications to do it on their own. That’s where co-registration comes in.

Also known as “co-reg,” co-registration allows subscribers to sign up for additional offers or newsletters that may be relevant to the original subscription offer.

For instance, a subscriber opts in to a nutrition email program. A…

creating third party content
creating third party content

Should content creation be done in-house or should it be outsourced? You need to understand the pros and cons of third party content creation to make the right decision.

Pros and Cons of Third Party Content Creation:


Save Time, Energy and Effort

You can save a lot of time, energy and effort by outsourcing content creation. Content creation is intensive and onerous. If you are going to do it on your own, you will have to divert plenty of time and energy towards creating high quality content.

Time and energy are precious assets. You could be diverted from core activities and your business performance could suffer if you…

Gmail Logo on Laptop
Gmail Logo on Laptop

Email list hygiene refers to a process where you clean up your email list to remove unengaged and inactive subscribers. This practice ensures you don’t waste your time and money interacting with people who are not interested in your emails. It will result in a more engaged subscriber base and better sending domain reputation. You will save time and money, ultimately ending with a better email marketing ROI. Here are some tips for working on your email list hygiene.

Implement Email Validation

For starters, focus on your point of capture for the email address. If your sign-up forms accept old email addresses, (regardless…

Checking email on laptop
Checking email on laptop

Do you have an email newsletter? How well is your target audience interacting with it?

What if you have spent a great deal of time writing a well-researched blog post, but it fails to attract any traffic? That’s why you should consider other channels to get visitors to your website… like email!

Benefits of Email

  • Email generates quality traffic
  • Email informs your target audience… helps them see how you serve them well
  • Email drives the right traffic to the right landing pages on your website

Sound helpful?

Email newsletters highlight important promotions and information, such as special events or sales…

audience listening to story
audience listening to story

Some of the most successful brands out there have one thing in common: they tell amazing stories that engage, motivate and inspire. Stories that bring brands to life and touch our hearts.

Why Stories Matter for Marketing

Storytelling is an excellent tool for marketers because we all love stories.Our childhood fascination with stories grows stronger as we step into adulthood. Grandparents’ stories give way to novels, thrillers and epic sagas.

Stories, Stories, Everywhere

Movies are nothing more than sensational and captivating stories. And so are most TV dramas and shows. News reports are just factual storytelling shows. Our appetite for stories is insatiable.

Ditch the Sales Pitch, Start Telling Stories

Skeptical consumers don’t want to…

Creating the right call to action (CTA) — whether it is part of lifecycle campaigns, transactional emails, or newsletters — determines failure or success in engaging and converting your prospects & customers. Read these strategies that empower you to create an effective call to action in email…

Use Approachable Action Verbs

Savvy marketers use action words in CTAs. However, some verbs annoy readers and may even make them stressed. These include words like download, enter, and submit. This is not how you talk with people in real life… Why do it in your marketing?

Instead, use words that show your readers that they get…

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