How to Properly Use a Call to Action In Email

Creating the right call to action (CTA) — whether it is part of lifecycle campaigns, transactional emails, or newsletters — determines failure or success in engaging and converting your prospects & customers. Read these strategies that empower you to create an effective call to action in email…

Use Approachable Action Verbs

Savvy marketers use action words in CTAs. However, some verbs annoy readers and may even make them stressed. These include words like download, enter, and submit. This is not how you talk with people in real life… Why do it in your marketing?

Instead, use words that show your readers that they get something once they act. Approachable action verbs include try, find, discover, and get. These words show your reader that they will enjoy a benefit. Of course, you will have to put a real benefit in your offer to make sure readers take action!

Work On Your Design

After getting the words right, complement them with a visually compelling design. Use an email automation tool. These handy tools have a pre-designed button that you can place instantly.

A few guidelines for designing your CTA buttons include:

  • Use a legible, bold font that aligns well with the font present in the rest of the email.
  • Do you have lots of images and colors in your email design? Try using a thick white box for your CTA button. This way, it will pop and get you more action.
  • Choose contrasting colors to make your CTA stand out & get the clicks you want. For this purpose, use an online color wheel and pick the colors that complement your email design.

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