How to Use Images in Marketing Emails

Images for emails can make or break your message. They can improve the email opening and click-through rate. Use Images to entice subscribers to read your emails in full.

Images eloquently portray your brand values. Just one equals a thousand words… creates the right environment and orchestrates the perfect mood.

Images bring your content to life. This can help you to reap real benefits. For example, Instagram posts with portraits garner 38% more likes than posts without them. Images strongly influence the perception of your audience.

Stock Images

Stock Images will form the bulk of images for your email campaign. Marketers use stock photos for the majority of their visual content for emails.

Do use stock photos for your emails… great photos and the price is right.. Even free. If you need truly stunning images, then you should be prepared to pay something. Subscription services offer access to astounding photos that will give you a high return on your investment, for a small investment that pays great returns. Fabulous images help you improve email opens and click-through rates.


This powerful tool should be an integral part of your email marketing. These compelling visuals succinctly summarize data into an aesthetically appealing format that is very simple to grasp. You can use infographics to help readers assimilate key facts and figures effortlessly.

So, if you are selling products and services, instead of using huge swathes of text, you should use infographics to summarize important facts and figures. More subscribers will read the numbers and understand your products and services in a much better way courtesy of infographics. And you’ll improve sales and expand your customer base.

Besides summarizing data, another reason why infographics work so well is that our minds have a natural affinity for appealing visuals.

Email Images for Branding

Be sure that your images blend in nicely with your branding elements. Images should depict the brand values of your business. They should match the style and theme of your brand; colors, fonts, attitude, etc…

If you want to portray happy customers, you can show images of smiling people in your emails. Subscribers will get a better idea of your customer-oriented business model with such images.

In short, images strongly influence how customers see your brand.

Email Images for Demographics

Understanding your audience’s mindset is crucial for choosing the perfect images. Know your demographics. Who is your audience and what are their interests? Choose your images accordingly.

So, if your target audience is young people, use informal, witty, and humorous images. If you are talking to business professionals, then use images showing refined, educated people in business attire. With an older audience, you will likewise want more formal imagery.

Your email marketing images should show your products and services in the best light. They should reflect the interests of the customers that you serve. Thus, if your brand is geared towards pets, your email images should have plenty of cute, fluffy, and adorable animals that will enthrall pet lovers. Likewise, if kid’s fashion is what your brand is about, there should be plenty of images of cute kiddoes in smart and bright attire.

Highly Inclusive

Make sure that your email marketing images reflect diversity and inclusivity. Thus, images should reflect a broad range of ethnic and age groups. There should be equal representation for men and women, kids, and seniors from all ethnic groups. And remember physically disadvantaged persons.

Diversity can help you to target a broader audience and highlight the egalitarian nature of your brand. Diversity and higher inclusivity can help your businesses to improve the bottom line.

Thoughtful Imagery

Your email images should evoke the right emotions in your audience.

Your best bet is to go with those images that make you feel good. Use pleasant images to evoke positive emotions in your target audience and help them to emotionally connect with your brand.

For instance, if you are highlighting environmental friendliness, you can include lush green imagery and fantastic idyllic scenery.

Likewise, if you wish to highlight social campaigns that your brand is working for, then show the relevant imagery. Show happy diverse multi-ethnic people to depict your poverty eradication drive.

User Experience

The images used should evoke the positive user experience that happy customers go through when using your products and services. Thus, if user-friendliness is a prime feature of your app, you can use minimalist images with gentle flowing lines to create a sense of ease and soothing calm.

With these tips on how to use images in marketing emails, you should see better results for your email campaigns. ArcaMax mails six billion emails per year. Ask us about email marketing or newsletter monetization today.

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