How to Use Your Email Newsletters to Get Return Traffic to Your Website

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Do you have an email newsletter? How well is your target audience interacting with it?

What if you have spent a great deal of time writing a well-researched blog post, but it fails to attract any traffic? That’s why you should consider other channels to get visitors to your website… like email!

Benefits of Email

  • Email generates quality traffic
  • Email informs your target audience… helps them see how you serve them well
  • Email drives the right traffic to the right landing pages on your website

Sound helpful?

Email newsletters highlight important promotions and information, such as special events or sales. They help drive audiences to your site so they can benefit from an offer or read a blog post. Here are some tips for using email newsletters for increasing website traffic resulting in higher engagement which brings in more revenue.

1. Create Your Best Content

One of the most effective ways to improve website traffic is to work on your regular newsletter content. Your newsletter promotes your site content and tempts readers to read specific infographics, videos or articles.

And Research shows the best newsletters get a 45% open rate… While the average is in the low 20s.

2. Link Newsletter Content to Your Site

Link photographs, text, and images in the body of your newsletter to generate targeted traffic. remember — your newsletter is not your site’s catalog. Add direct links to your best-selling products, specials or link to a demo video. This way, your visitors get a better understanding of your products & services.

3. Help Your Customers with Research

Modern-day customers do a lot of research before purchasing. You can influence their decision-making. Link your text and images to quality online information, so your customers can make better decisions and engage with you more easily.

4. Place a Short Blurb

Promote your full story on your website, not on the newsletter. Add a short blurb in your newsletter to present a non-product related aspect, leading them to your site. In email newsletters — Less is More.

5. Promote Your Latest Blog Post

Many marketers like to include an excerpt of their recent blog posts in the newsletter because it works. You should give serious thought to trying it as well. This will help you to persuade your user to click through the website, and as they visit it, they are likely to navigate around and buy something.

Final Thoughts

Use these tips in your email newsletters to increase your website traffic.

Professional marketers rely on email newsletters to take subscribers from their inbox to their site. This approach is applied to promote content in an easy-to-digest and fun way.

ArcaMax Publishing Inc is the leader in news and information by email with 400+ newsletter titles, a million+ monthly site visitors, & 3.5+ million subscribers.

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