Putting Your Brand Next to Third-Party Content: Pros & Cons

creating third party content

Should content creation be done in-house or should it be outsourced? You need to understand the pros and cons of third party content creation to make the right decision.

Pros and Cons of Third Party Content Creation:


Save Time, Energy and Effort

You can save a lot of time, energy and effort by outsourcing content creation. Content creation is intensive and onerous. If you are going to do it on your own, you will have to divert plenty of time and energy towards creating high quality content.

Time and energy are precious assets. You could be diverted from core activities and your business performance could suffer if you are not giving enough time to your main business.

Save Money

You could also hire in-house content creation staff to develop content. However, this will not come cheap as you will have to pay full-time employee salaries to your content staff. And that is just the start.

You will also have to pay taxes, provide benefits, perks, paid leaves, vacation, health insurance, annual increments and several other benefits if you want to retain your in-house staff.

In-house content creation does not come cheap. Creating content should not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

High Quality Content

If you partner with a reputable content provider, then you will receive high quality content consistently. This will help you to improve your SEO, boost website traffic and make you a though leader in your industry.

A prestigious content creator may have experience in your niche and know exactly how to create the best content for your needs.


Less Control

You will not have full control over content creation. This is the critical drawback of outsourcing.

However, you can mitigate such problems by selecting a reliable, trustworthy and proficient third party content provider.

Lesser control will not be an issue with a premier content service. In fact, you will certainly benefit through massive savings in cost, time and effort — key business assets.


To get relevant content, you will have to clearly delineate your requirements with your content provider. You should maintain an open communication channel for seamless collaboration.

Your direction and guidance is necessary for worthwhile content. The content provider cannot second guess each and every thing that you have in mind. There is no technology yet for mind reading.

Quality Issues

You could end up getting bad quality content. There could be other problems too like not getting content on time.

However, quality and delivery issues boil down to one factor. If you don’t choose the right content provider, you may face these problems from time to time.

Thus, it is important to search for the most reputable, esteemed and prestigious content provider out there.

Clearly articulate your quality expectations, language tone, delivery deadline, ETA, article topics and content requirements. Making everything clear early on can help to avoid confusion later on.

You should partner with a content creator that accepts all of your demands and willingly complies.

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