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There are two opt-in methods in email marketing and publishing: single opt-in and double opt-in. Both can be incorporated easily into your site, so you can collect contact information and engage your audience. But which is the right one for you?

We are all familiar with junk, spam, and promo folders. This is where email often goes to die when you send to it users who have not explicitly opted in. The reasons for hitting these folders mostly concern mailing domain reputation and email provider filtering, both of which can be positively influenced by getting users to opt-in.

However, most of us in the email business agree that double-opted in subscribers have taken the extra step to confirm their connection to your brand and so are more likely to receive, open and engage with your messages… Which in turn will create a virtuous cycle of increasing opens and engagement. More about that below.

What Is Single Opt-In?

What Is Double Opt-In?

When to Choose Single Opt-In?


  • You will build your database faster because you are not limiting subscribers by requiring the additional action


The user may have low intent.

When to Choose Double Opt-Ins?


  • Safer for your mailing domain


  • If you are paying to acquire email opt-ins, you’ll need to factor in a percentage of fallout when confirming to determine your acquisition price targets. Opt-ins that do not confirm seem like wasted leads. They are to an extent. But what you are left with is safer to mail.

ArcaMax knows a thing or two because we have mailed a thing or two 😊. We mail 6 billion emails per year to 3.5 million double-opted-in subscribers. If you are looking to generate or sell email-opt ins, or if you need someone to handle your newsletters — give us a shout.

ArcaMax Publishing Inc is the leader in news and information by email with 400+ newsletter titles, a million+ monthly site visitors, & 3.5+ million subscribers.

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