Tell Me a Story: Why Story Matters in Your Marketing & How It Works?

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Some of the most successful brands out there have one thing in common: they tell amazing stories that engage, motivate and inspire. Stories that bring brands to life and touch our hearts.

Why Stories Matter for Marketing

Storytelling is an excellent tool for marketers because we all love stories.Our childhood fascination with stories grows stronger as we step into adulthood. Grandparents’ stories give way to novels, thrillers and epic sagas.

Stories, Stories, Everywhere

Movies are nothing more than sensational and captivating stories. And so are most TV dramas and shows. News reports are just factual storytelling shows. Our appetite for stories is insatiable.

Ditch the Sales Pitch, Start Telling Stories

Skeptical consumers don’t want to hear sales talk. They do not have the time nor interest to listen about your products and services no matter how good they may be.

But the aloof mind becomes intrigued and curious as soon as you tell a great story about your brand.

The Best Ads Need Stories

To the average Joe (and Jill), ads are perhaps the most annoying thing in life. Very few people want to endure yet another sales pitch. But if a good story is used to convey your brand’s message, your brand will be more memorable and more likely to be shared or “go viral.” Suddenly everyone wants to see your ad when you have an incredible and inspiring story to tell.

We All Want Stories in Ads

One survey actually shows that 92% of consumers want ads that tell a story.

The truth is clear. Our minds love story telling. Ads that use good story telling have the potential to become more like a good TV show, short story, or a recurring series with character development and suspense.

Stories Work Better Than Facts for Marketing

Hard data works for marketing. After all, the numbers don’t lie. Marketing messages suddenly become plausible and credible when they have the stats and studies to back them up.

But did you know that stories work even better than the hard facts for marketing?

That’s because stories engage and stimulate our brains more than hard facts. The emotion, intensity, imagery and other facets of stories have a far more profound effect on our minds and light up many areas of our brains.

Stories for Superior Engagement

Greater interest and engagement with your brand is the purpose of marketing. These objectives can be achieved with good story telling.

That’s why nearly all good ads from awesome brands feel like stories. We also remember stories far better than facts.

We Live, Breathe and Sleep Stories

We also spend endless hours daydreaming. That’s just us telling stories to ourselves. Even while we sleep, our mind shows us fabulous stories — dreams. Our dreams are nothing more than stories, often times wild and wacky ones.

In conclusion, telling great stories should be an important part of your branding strategy if you are serious about attracting and sustaining deep interest in your brand.

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