Two Years Ago Inc. Said, “Email Is Already Dead.” Is It?

Person reading email on mobile

Two years ago, Inc. magazine boldly proclaimed that “email is already dead.” Certain pundits in the industry believed that email was giving way to social media and other communication platforms.

But we are happy to report that email is alive and kicking. Unlike Inc., our opinion is backed by research that indicates people are still reading most of their emails and aren’t averse to interesting, relevant, and personalized emails.

Everyone Sends Email

At present, nearly 102 trillion emails are sent every year and by 2022, this figure will increase to 126 trillion. Marketers must note that more than 90% of these emails are being read by people aged older than 15.

What’s more fascinating is that despite concerns regarding social media replacing email as a medium, more than 75% of teenagers continue checking their email accounts.

Everyone Opens Email

Opening emails has become a routine and essential part of our daily lives. This is why some people check their email up to 20 times per day. The mainstream adoption of smartphones in the 2010s has only made email more accessible and popular. Therefore, if your target is to reach maximum people of all age groups at once, email is a great option. But do they actually open it? Well, let’s take a look.

When it comes to social media giants — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — the engagement rate is less than 0.6%. On the other hand, email has an average open rate of more than 22%! This is an important insight because it shows that targeting via email is more successful at ensuring that the audience reads the copy that was intended for them. As a result, they interact with the brand and display positive behavior.

Summarizing the impact of email on our lives:

  • Email is the primary means of identity on the internet
  • It is required for most online activities, including purchases, banking, filing taxes, social media, activating our cell phones, and lots more!
  • An Adobe 2019 email usage study reports the average person spends 143 minutes per day checking personal email and an additional 209 minutes per day checking work email (over 5 hours per day total!)
  • Worldwide adoption is still increasing with 4 billion users, making it a vital medium in today’s world!

Everyone Likes Email

Are you pondering the effectiveness of email marketing from the consumer’s perspective? In that case, Adestra reveals that consumers favor brands that use emails for communication purposes. According to a study from Marketing Sherpa, 72% of consumers chose email as a preferred method of communication by companies, the top choice.

Even, marketers like email. According to a recent study, more than 90% of B2B marketers rated email as “extremely important” or “important.”

That’s a tremendous amount of positive feedback for a medium that Inc. believed to be “already dead.” These stats have already proved how email delivers such a strong ROI — in fact, it delivers $44 for every dollar spent.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is far from dead. It has become more integral to your digital marketing strategy than ever. It allows you to reach more users and enhance your targeting efforts, an advantage that you are unlikely to find in any other digital channel.

Email marketing may not seem ‘cool’ as some other marketing trends, but is a lot more reliable and consistently delivers high-quality results. Your consumers want emails — 61% of them would like to see at least once per week. So, what is stopping you from running an email campaign?

If you need any assistance with getting your email campaigns back on track, send us a message.

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