What Is An Email Drip Campaign?

The purpose of an email marketing campaign is to attract a certain group of subscribers — those who take the desired action. These days, your audience wields more power than ever. Therefore, merely sending an email about a random topic is not going to do much.

Striking a balance between building your list and keeping your subscribers engaged is key. This is the purpose of an email drip campaign.

What Is An Email Drip Campaign?

Email drip campaigns are automated — marketers send emails based on user actions and specific timelines. For instance, once someone subscribes to an email list, the system sends an email to them on Tuesday for the next four weeks. Similarly, if a prospect moves forward in the sales funnel but stopped just right before buying, the system can send emails to re-ignite their interest and tempt them to take the final action.

In a nutshell, drip campaigns deliver the right information to subscribers at the right time, pushing them further down the funnel, leading to a conversion. Here is what makes email drip campaigns unique:

  • Making use behavioral triggers and timing to send automated messages.
  • The risk of people unsubscribing is lowered by sending them more specific information on a pre-determined cadence.
  • Sending email that the subscriber wanted in the first place.

Are you looking to execute an email drip campaign? Reach out to us!

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