What Is Co-Registration? How Affiliates Gather and Sell Leads With Co-Registration

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Do you want your company to get more leads at affordable rates?

Creating telephone and email-subscriber lists is time-consuming — it can take months and even years to accomplish it. You are also required to maintain a strong presence and have knowledge of digital marketing. Many businesses don’t have the resources and qualifications to do it on their own. That’s where co-registration comes in.

Also known as “co-reg,” co-registration allows subscribers to sign up for additional offers or newsletters that may be relevant to the original subscription offer.

For instance, a subscriber opts in to a nutrition email program. A co-reg platform can present the subscriber with the option to sign up for another health-related newsletter from a different company. The sign-up page should be fully compliant with all applicable laws, including necessary consumer notifications and general privacy statements. Once the user selects the related offer (usually by clicking a “Yes” button), the platform works in the background to process the lead, which is usually delivered by a real-time data transfer.

In the ArcaMax Publishing co-reg platform, offers are only served to email subscribers who have cycled through the double opt-in process to receive a newsletter. The double opt-in standard (where a subscriber has to verify his or her email address) ensures much higher lead quality and deliverability than a single opt-in platform. However, the initial cost for these leads may be higher than SOI co-reg traffic.

Co-registration can be useful for many roles and industries. These niches include:
• E-commerce
• Consumer packaged goods
• Software
• Digital products
• Sales reps
• Call centers

As a rule , keep in mind that co-registration is ideal for those who are looking to scale up. Co-reg leads are generally much less expensive than other form-generated leads and allow for significant and rapid scalability. However, it is essential to have a functional system to manage the leads. This will include a method of processing real-time leads from the co-reg publisher and initiating a sequence of email auto-responders that include any promised co-reg deals for readers (e.g., a multi-part e-book, links to videos or other resources).

Co-reg leads should be evaluated based upon a few metrics , including contact rates (for phone leads), open and click-through rates for email-focused leads, and product sales (if a factor). For this reason, the universal truth also applies to the co-reg universe: “You Get What You Pay For!”

ArcaMax Publishing Inc is the leader in news and information by email with 400+ newsletter titles, a million+ monthly site visitors, & 3.5+ million subscribers.

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